How To Use An Inversion Table

An inversion stretch table is a great tool to help with back pain and circulation and will also help to repair the damage from the stresses of the day. There are many different makes and models of inversion tables ranging from non-motorized to a fully motorized total back system, each with varied ease of use.

Your model should come with a set of instructions to use for both assembly and for learning how to use an inversion table. Each model is different, so if you are buying an inversion stretch table, take care to read the instructions. When assembling your inversion stretch table be sure to follow all instruction and familiarize yourself with the equipment, knowing how to use an inversion table will reduce the chance of accidentally injuring yourself. Non-motorized inversion tables clamp the feet at the top and you use hand controls to adjust the angle of inversion – motorized versions are controlled with buttons which users may be more comfortable with. Before buying a table it is suggested you try different models to see which one is best suited to you. You can also ask the shop assistants for advice on how to use an inversion table.


Once you have bought your inversion table take care to correctly assembly the equipment and test it before inverting yourself. Beginners should build up their use slowly, only 1-2 minutes per use should be the optimal time when starting out on an inversion table. You can use the equipment more than once a day. When first starting out, beginners should also start at 20 degrees inversion and keep increasing the angle as you become more familiar with the equipment.

After you have used your White Floating Desk for a few weeks, progressively increase your degree of inversion as well as your usage time. 3-5 minutes per session and several times a day as per your comfort can be achieved to maximize the benefits of the table. You can also do inversion table exercises. Youtube has dozens of videos on inversion table exercises by enthusiasts which can be viewed and tried on your own machine.