Why Use Inversion Table Therapy?

Why people need treatment for lower back pain

Your back consists of twenty-four vertebrae which encases your spinal cord. Between the vertebral joints, are spinal nerves which run up the spinal column. After a day of lifting, sitting, exercising and movement, the spine is compressed leading to pain which doesn’t diminish leading to a lower quality of life. The spine is one of the most important parts of our bodies, without it we could not walk or do many of the activities we find enjoyable. The discs in our backs also act as shock absorbers meaning playing a game of basketball, hiking up a mountain or even walking around the city is not an uncomfortable experience from the moment we rise from bed.

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The body’s muscles and ligaments need regular movement in order to maintain flexibility. For most people that isn’t always an option with long hours at jobs that require them to be seated and still for a large portion of the day. Treatment for lower back pain is expensive, and in some cases addictive. Chiropractor appointments, massages and worst case scenario, surgery can cost a large amount of money for most times short term gain. Drugs and other substances can take the edge of the pain but does not solve the problem.

Inversion table therapy

A back inversion table, when used for treatment for lower back pain, has both short and long term benefits. The back inversion table usually immediately relieves pain from sore muscles, helping elongate the spine. Over the long term, the inversion table benefits remove the compression damage to the vertebrae and nerves helping users wake up refreshed in the mornings and continuing the trend throughout the day minimizing aches, pains and soreness from the demands of work, family and home.