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Back pain or disc problem or anything of such a kind could be alleviated in no time when you have a right kind of inversion table by your side. The orthpadecians suggest the equipment to be one of the best remedies for back pain problems in both men and women. Especially for those who have buldged disc problems and swelling in the back, they should get it all fixed together by means of the inversion therapy methods. The equipment is just based on the principles of inversion therapy.

In the beginning of the twentieth century, the inversion therapy was introduced into the international market, claiming to alleviate spine related problems. All until the beginning of the new millennium there was prepac white floating desk not much popularity though. In the past decade, enormous amount of popularity is gained because of the innovative technology imparted in the making. The results are unbelievable and people are awestruck with the amazing differences after using this device.

The mechanism is just very simple. When you are lying inverted against the gravitational force held in a stretcher or bench sort of comfortable resting device, the gravitational force acts on the bodily organs. Right from the circulation rate to the positioning of the joints everything is affected by the gravitational pull. Due to the sustained pull for prolonged hours, the joints are pulled back to their normal or original positions to stay fit against the gravity. This is the magic behind the inversion therapy.

Special features of the inversion table

– product dimensions should be suitable to your body size

– maximum weight of 350 pounds should be easily withstood

– the back rest should be made out of vinyl coated foam material to be cuddly

– additional support for the lumbar region in the form of cushion is advisable

– The frame material should be highly durable. Material choices could be heavy duty steel or anything of equivalent capacity

– Ratcheting wheels to adjust the ankle rest is a better option. Easy to attach and detach.

– Maximum height should be at least unto six feet and five inches at the most.

– Should be easy to assemble and disassemble

– Stabilizers should be made out of non-skid rubber and reliable.

– Durability is crucial need

Factors that should be borne in mind while selecting the right kind of inversion table

Cost comes into consideration but it is advisable to forget costs and give importance for quality, as it is something related seriously towards one’s health prospects.

Consultation is to be done with your physician ahead of using the product even though it is suggested, checked, inspected and recommended by top health experts in the trade.

Stick on to only branded products alone as there are commercial Chinese made inferior quality products that are also available in the market, which could be detrimental on prolonged use.


– Assembling is easier

– Easy usage

– Fully functional and foldable as well to be stored conveniently.


– Robust machine is heavy to heavy to handle. Still you cannot compromise on that factor, as the product has to be durable though.


Inversion table is the Ideal product to alleviate back pain. It gives a rejuvenated feel after just 30 minutes of usage. Wide range of products is available to choose the appropriate models


Inversion Table Reviews & Information

Back pain

Consider the torture we put our bodies through on a daily basis. We sleep for a given amount of time and our bodies have the time to relax and regenerate. The problem is, after a hard day of work, usually sitting or standing in the same position for hours on end our bodies suffer from the continuous pressure placed on the spine leaving many people with back problems.

Enter the back inversion table!


This total back system uses your own body weight to naturally relieve the pressure accumulated throughout the day in less than fifteen minutes. Using the same force which compounds the back and joints, the inversion stretch table helps restore feeling, relieve back pain and gradually repair the damage to the spine accumulated over the years.

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The back inversion table isn’t new technology. For centuries people have attempted to use the techniques of inversion in the same way using ladders, ropes, tree branches or anything to help achieve the inverted position (to hang upside down). Causing more pain than gain, many of these techniques led to falls or difficulty getting out of the position. With the invention of the inversion stretch table, back pain sufferers are now able to safely utilize the techniques that help diminish pain from back stress.

Inversion table reviews and information for shoppers

At Inversion Table Reviews we strive to provide you with information and reviews of the latest inversion table models available on the market. Our articles also include inversion table therapy, exercises, benefits, how to use your new table and information to help you find the best inversion table for you.

Featured Inversion Table: Teeter Hang Ups EP-950
Rating: five star rating

The EP-950 inversion table is Teeter Hang Ups top of the line EP range inversion table. It uses Teeter’s patented Flex Technology design which enables the table surface to move with your body instead of against it. The table also provides a full range of motion which helps to realign the spine and relax the muscles in your back.

The back surface of the EP-950 is built with a smooth, light friction texture. This allows users to easily move on the table and achieve a better stretch. In addition, tests have shown that inversion tables by Teeter Hang Ups are the most accurately balanced tables available. This give users more control of the inversion process.

Although the table is a little more expensive than its competing brands the added functionality, quality of build, comfort and ease of use make up for the extra cost.

Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Inversion Therapy Table
by Inversion Table Reviews
Posture Pump

A major contributor to back pain is bad posture. Where an inversion table can be used to alleviate the pain from an injured back, maintaining a good posture is the key to a healthy back. There are various methods and devices to help achieve this. Some examples of these devices are the posture corrective brace and the Posture Pump, a neck traction device that can be used to correct the problems caused by bad posture.

Gravity Boots

Teeter gravity boots Designed to work with all Teeter Hangups inversion tables, Teeter gravity boots are bought separately (unless sold with a set) to attach to the ankles and replace the hard, plastic ankle braces inversion tables offer to keep feet firmly locked into the table while inverting.

The pros of the Teeter gravity boots focus on the comfort of them versus the locking mechanism on the inversion table as well as less pain if the wearer suffered from a foot break or sprain. They also attach firmly to the Teeter inversion table and users can easily mount and dismount off the table which can be difficult with the original braces.

The cons of the product include their small size which may not work for men or people with more muscular leg builds. As well, their comfort for some people is only achieved at its loosest point. The Teeter gravity boots can be difficult to put on, especially for people with mobility issues and people who weigh over 200lbs have noted discomfort.