Finding a Used Inversion Table

Buying a used inversion table

The best inversion table is available in both a new or used condition. Be sure to familiarize yourself with whats available through reviews and inversion table comparison sites. A variety of outfitters can be found in local fitness stores and from other retailers ranging in price depending on the type of model, complexity and features. You can buy locally at stores but buying online is also feasible. Be aware however, prices can range for different models, most of which you can test out in the store. Postage is very expensive as the equipment is very heavy and the packages are quite large so look for deals and coupons that may alleviate these costs in order to find a cheap inversion table deal.


There is also the opportunity to find a second hand inversion table for sale. This can be achieved both online and in person:

Online: Craigslist; Kijiji – these two websites are available in many large cities. Owners of a used inversion table selling their tables will advertise them online, usually close to your neighbourhood. These are great ways to see the item before buying it, bartering for it as well as being able to avoid high postage fees is a good way to get a cheap inversion table. Be sure to take care when buying items and taking a friend along when checking out any merchandise for safety reasons.
Online: Ebay – this bidding site can mean you can get an excellent deal on any equipment you buy. The cons however are not getting exactly what you paid for or in the condition you hoped. Look for sellers which are highly rated and recommended by other users.
Used equipment sales from spas, gyms and other fitness organizations. Throughout the year many exercise equipment providers such as gyms regularly purge and replace equipment, which will sometimes include a used inversion table, as newer equipment with different features become available.

Be sure to watch out for equipment that looks broken, a cheap inversion table shouldn’t mean a damaged inversion table. Make sure you research all models before going to see them to know what the equipment is capable of providing for you. If you do not feel comfortable with any items do not buy them. Inversion tables are great pieces of equipment to enjoy in your home, finding the best inversion table, whether new or used, can be a fantastic opportunity to learn about the various types of tables available on the market and to find a great deal on an inversion table for sale.